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Robert J Potrykus
Attorney at Law
Attorney Profile Born in Evanston, Illinois. 30+ year resident of Colorado. Married with 2 children.
Mr. Potrykus has 35+ years of legal practice, representing individuals, families and corporations with an emphasis on personal and professional high quality, service and results. You will receive his one-on-one attention, straightforward evaluation, extensive experience, skill and counsel with frequent personal communication – working hard for your best result.
Mr. Potrykus is active in his church and community, and with various civic and charitable organizations and chambers of commerce.
Mr. Potrykus is licensed to practice before all State and Federal Courts in Colorado and Texas. He is a member of Colorado and Texas Bar Associations.

BBA (Business), BA (Economics) – Southern Methodist University (1982)
JD - St Mary’s University School of Law – (1985)



• Personal Injury / Other Negligence Claims:

  • Consult with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as practicable after an accident or injury and before speaking with an insurance carrier.
  • At home or hospital visits can easily be arranged for injured persons/family members to ensure timely claim/accident investigation.
  • It is important to ensure a timely record of all information, details and other investigation of your claim, and that witness recollections and other case evidence are complete and captured when fresh.
  • State and local government in Colorado is generally immune from liability for its own negligence. There are various ‘exceptions’ to governmental immunity including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, negligent operation of hospitals and jails, dangerous conditions of public buildings, negligent construction, operation or maintenance of public roads, dangerous conditions of parks or recreational facilities. When an injured person’s claim falls under an exception, the injured person MUST file written notice of the claim within 182 days of the date of discovery of the injury. If the written notice is not given properly within 182 days, the claim is forever barred. If you have been injured by a public entity, seek the advice of legal counsel right away.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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Civil Claim and Litigation Practice – Trial and Appellate work (Federal, State and Local levels), Mediation and Corporate Legal Practice.

  • Personal Injury – Wrongful Death
  • Auto / Truck Accidents – Insurance Claims – UIM Claims
  • Premises Liability Claims (Slip and Fall - Hazardous Conditions)
  • Defamation (Libel and Slander)
  • Motorcycle and Bicyclist Accidents
  • Dog Attack Injuries
  • Other Accident, Injury or Death
  • Pet Injuries or Death
  • Medical and Dental Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Professional Liability
  • Product Liability – Faulty Design/Manufacture – Product Defect, Misleading Advertising, Failure to Instruct/Warn
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims
  • Unfair Claims Practices – Fraud – Misrepresentation
  • Commercial Disputes – Business Contracts
  • Real Estate – Landlord/Tenant
  • Environmental Claims
  • Construction Claims
  • Simple Will Documents and Powers of Attorney (no tax planning)

Thank you for the opportunity. Contact us for a free case evaluation: 720-261-0860



Colorado Statutes of Limitations – Notice Requirements

Timely action is vital. It is important to understand what kind of claim you have and to contact an attorney as soon as possible, to properly manage and investigate your claim from the beginning, and to avoid losing the ability to bring your claim before the applicable statute of limitations or other formal notice period expires.

The ‘statute of limitations’ refers to the amount of time you have to file suit after which your claim is time-barred and gone forever.

In Colorado, Statutes of Limitations for some of the most common forms of civil claim lawsuits are as follows: 

  • Personal Injury involving a motor vehicle – 3 years, Colo. Rev. Stat. (‘CRS’) § 13-80-101
  • Personal Injury – 2 years, CRS § 13-80-102
  • Product Liability – 2 years, CRS § 13-80-102 
  • Property Damage involving a motor vehicle – 3 years, CRS § 13-80-101
  • Property Damage – 2 years, CRS § 13-80-102
  • Contract Actions, including personal contracts and actions – 3 years - CRS § 13-80-101
  • Fraud, Misrepresentation, Concealment, or Deceit – 3 years - CRS § 13-80-101
  • Actions for Wrongful Death – 2 years – CRS §  13-80-102
  • Actions against any Veterinarian – 2 years – CRS § 13-80-102
  • Tort Actions, including claims for negligence, trespass, malicious abuse of process, malicious prosecution, outrageous conduct, interference with relationships, and tortious breach of contract - 2 years – CRS §  13-80-102
  • Actions alleging negligence, breach of contract, lack of informed consent, or other action arising in tort or contract to recover damages from any health care institution or any health care professional - 2 years – CRS § 13-80-102.5
  • Actions for medical malpractice action must be brought within two years after the date the injury and its cause were known or should have been known with the exercise of reasonable diligence. CRS § §§ 13-80-102.5 and 13-80-108. In no event may a medical malpractice action be brought more than three years after the act or omission that gave rise to the action, unless the malpractice was knowingly concealed, the act or omission consisted of leaving an unauthorized foreign object in the body of the claimant, or both the physical injury and its cause are not known or could not have been known through the exercise of reasonable diligence. CRS § § 13-80-102.5
  • Actions involving assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, libel, and slander – 1 year - CRS §  13-80-103
  • Notice Requirements – Colorado Governmental Immunity Act:
  • Actions involving a governmental entity or employee, any party seeking damages, including damages, must provide the entity notice consistent with the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA).  Notice of a claim must be sent in writing within “one-hundred and eight-two days” after the “date of the discovery of the injury, regardless of whether the person then knew of all elements of claim or of a cause of action for such injury.” CRS § 24-10-109. Failure to provide a claim notice within the 180-day window will result in the claim being barred by the CGIA.

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